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Web Development

Your web presence is a key first step in attracting new customers and moving toward your organizational goals. We take care of it all, from logo design to search-engine optimization – and all of the design and code in between – making your website an exciting extension of you.



Custom Solutions

Manage your business your way. We architect our business interfaces and dashboards to your exacting requirements, providing for ease-of-use and eliminating additional training procedures.

Third-Party Software Implementation

In addition to custom applications, PixelHouse can install and configure third-party software packages, including CRMs, content management systems and back-office accounting systems.

Custom Integrations

Our custom software integrations and APIs enable your various and disparate systems to share data, simplifying your business management procedures.

A Few of Our Clients

Safe Ride Corp.

Our newest client, New York-based Safe Ride Corp. has an awesome answer for the stress of having to drive or take the train to an important meeting, or the concerns about taking an Uber after a long evening on the town: a car service wherein a recently retired police officer or Federal Agent serves as your personal driver, driving your car. Pretty cool, huh?

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Website Design / Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Site Maintenance / Content Curation
Social Media Marketing / Facebook Advertising

Visit: www.saferidecorp.com

Hometown Nannies Plus

Our latest web development client took the PixelHouse into the fascinating world of Boutique Household Staffing. Who knew some nannies are actually trained bodyguards? Getting a chance to demonstrate some of our web design skills and visual creativity in building a site that, according to Hometown Nannies founder Jayne Ehrlich, needed to present a highly sophisticated air, while never crossing the line into “snobby,” we delivered a website that is spot-on. And out client agrees. The site includes a job board for nannies and other domestic staff seeking work, as well as online applications to help match families with domestic help.

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Website Design
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Site Maintenance

Visit: www.hometownnannies.com

Business Accelerator Team

In addition to designing, developing, maintaining and hosting the website this successful business-management consultancy based in Scottsdale, AZ., we also customized a Customer Relationship Management system for BAT, so its team will have ready access to details on key players in the food service and convenience retailing markets it serves. PixelHouse also provides an ongoing content curation service, helping the BAT team and its customers and prospects stay abreast of important industry trends. This service includes social media marketing and social posting on BAT’s behalf.

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Website Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance
Database Design
CRM Development
Content Curation
Social Media Marketing

Visit: www.thebusinessacceleratorteam.com

Rex Griswold Foundation

Rex Griswold was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) in 2011 at the age of 51 and immediately dedicated his life to generating awareness and raising funds for research to find a cure for this horrible disease. Over the next six years, Rex worked to draw attention and generate funds for research – all the while knowing he would not survive to benefit personally. We worked closely with the Rex Griswold Foundation and Rex’s colleagues at Nestle Waters USA to revamp the foundation’s web presence and provide a content management system that will allow the foundation to continue to attract other stories of courage, as well as generate funds for research toward finding a cure.

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Website Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance
Video Editing & Hosting
3rd-party fundraising site integration

Visit: www.rexgriswoldfoundation.com



LevcoPower is a successful broker of electricity service for multiple suppliers in three states – the sort of operation that requires extreme attention to detail. When PixelHouse was brought in, the company was in the midst of an internal reorganization and was seeing growth hampered by an over-reliance on manual processes. Since then, PixelHouse rebuilt its electricity service-enrollment system, developed and launched a suite of web applications that eliminated much of the manual work that had slowed its processes and helped the company become an innovator in the way it integrates with suppliers. As a result, LevcoPower expanded its reach into two additional states and has added new suppliers all without an increase in headcount.

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Database Design, Development and Maintenance
Web Application Development
Multiple Website Launches
IT and Telephony Support Services
Email Marketing Services

Visit: www.levcopower.com

Dr. Terry D’Elisa

New Canaan, CT-based Adult and Child Psychologist Terry D’Elisa loves helping her clients improve their wellness. But like any small practice, her’s also requires alot of other demands on her time, from making educational resources available to her clients and their families, generating standardized test reports and marketing her educational sessions. In working with Dr. D’Elisa, we are beginning to develop systems that will help her save time doing things other than working with her clients. That meant a website platform that allowed her to integrate her affiliate payments for Amazon book sales, provide tools to calendar her educational sessions, and ultimately, eliminate the manual processes involved in preparing standardized test scores for clients.

Services Provided by The PixelHouse:

Website Development & Hosting
Database Design & Development

Visit: www.drterrydelisa.com

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