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Why you’ll love working with us…


We let you focus on your business.

The best technology is that which is nearly invisible to the end user. It just works. It allows you to operate and grow your business efficiently. Our business technology consulting services provide exactly that: we make sure your focus is on your business, your customers and your vision; we ensure your business technology is ready for you.

We don't look good until you look good.

Your business website is your next new customer’s first impression of you and your business. Our web design and development services make a dazzling impression on your customers. We make it fun and easy for current customers to engage with your business online, and we draw new customers to your business with a best-in-class presentation.

Your business is our business.

We work closely with you and your team to ensure we fully understand your operations and how we can best address your needs. We love getting to know new businesses and building solutions to business challenges. Nothing provides us more satisfaction than to help you grow and expand.

We sweat the small stuff.

Managing your business surely involves many details. Customer records, histories, payment details, follow up, marketing communications – the list goes on. Our custom Business Management Applications work with you and your team to streamline and automate manual processes while also providing the safety and security of off-premise, redundant and available-where-you-need-it cloud-based infrastructure.

We provide peace of mind.

Our project management services provide you with peace of mind. Whether for a single internal project or an ongoing operation, we excel in systematically capturing and processing multiple moving parts and implementing the right workflow and management interfaces to allow you to remain focused on growth.

We want to build relationships.

Business is about relationships. Working with you, we look forward to forging a partnership that brings you comfort in knowing we have your back and will go the extra mile to ensure your goals and objectives are met.

Let Us Help You Reach for the Clouds

Shoot us a note and we’ll get back to you to discuss how The PixelHouse will work to make your organization thrive.